Ocular Hill Open Access Surgical Gonio – Right Hand

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Product Description

Product Code: OHSOG-RH

Surface Area: 54mm
Gonio Mag: 1.20x Static
FOV: 90°
Handle Length: 78mm

To be held in right hand for surgical procedures. Perfectly suited for MIGS, Goniotomy, and Direct-viewing surgical gonioscopy procedures, this new Open Access design gives increased clearance to the clear cornea. Particularly useful for patients with smaller eye structures where the traditional Hill may press on or even cover the incision site. Also excellent choice when the procedure calls for insertion devices requiring additional corneal access. This wide field optic provides all the benefits of the traditional Hill gonioscopy lens with 1.2x magnification, peripheral flange designed for gentile globe stabilization, and ergonomically designed handle for comfortable control. Designed for economical steam sterilization this lens will give many years of trouble free use. As with any contact lens, the use of viscoelastic greatly improves the optical coupling for unobstructed view of the anterior chamber. Placed between the lens and cornea it also helps keep the cornea moist during the procedure Available in both right and left hand models (i.e. Right hand is held in the right hand).

Lenses are directly shipped from Ocular factory and have full warranty for one year.
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