Ocular Max360 Three Mirror Universal – 18mm

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Product Description

Product Code: OG3MSA-IR

Style: Universal
Image Mag: .93x
Laser Spot Mag: 1.08x
Contact Diameter: 18mm
Lens Height: 34mm
Static Gonio FOV: 140°

Our Three Mirror Universal lens now features our revolutionary rotating ring. The NEW Max360 Three Mirror Lens greatly improves rotational control while eliminating the need for two handed adjustments. Single hand rotation reduces procedure time by simplifying the process and significantly reducing lens decoupling. This allows you to STAY FOCUSED on your patient, not the lens!

Once you have tried the revolutionary NEW Max360 rotating lens design you will not go back to your traditional non-rotational lenses!

Lenses are directly shipped from Ocular factory and have full warranty for one year.
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