Ocular Vitreolysis Three Lens Set

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Product Description

Product Code: OJK-3S

OPY-18 Ocular Peyman Wide Field Vit. 18mm
OJKY-21 Ocular Karickhoff 21mm Vitreous
OJKPY-25 Ocular Karickhoff 25mm Vit. Off-Axis

Ocular Instruments has been leading the way in developing and producing instruments for vitreolysis procedures since the introductions of the *Peyman Wide Field Vitreous and the **Karickhoff Vitreous lenses. Now Ocular Instruments offers two vitreolysis lens sets; The Ocular Vitreolysis Two Lens Set and the Ocular Vitreolysis Three Lens Set.

Also available in a two lens set (OJK-2S)

Other vitreolysis lenses available : Peyman Wide Field12.5mm (OPY-12.5), Peyman Wide Field 18mm (OPY-18) Peyman Wide Field 25mm (OPY-25) and Karickhoff Off-Axis Vitreous (OJKPY-25)

Lenses are directly shipped from Ocular factory and have full warranty for one year.
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