Ocular Woldoff NA High Magnification Vitrectomy

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Product Description

Product Code: OWIV-HMNA

Image Mag: .90x
Lens Height: 13.5mm
Static FOV: 57°
Dynamic FOV: 100°

Single-piece, 66D lens designed for clinical situations where autoclaving is either not available or not desired. It is ideal for wide angle viewing of the posterior pole. Its wide field provides stereopsis well beyond the area seen by a conventional flat lens. The high magnification and resolution create very precise depth perception. It provides an excellent image for delicate work around the macula such as macular hole surgery or peeling of epiretinal membranes from the macula. It also is the lens of choice for videotaping macular procedures.

Lenses are directly shipped from Ocular factory and have full warranty for one year.
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